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Upcoming Meetings

May Meeting - Friday, May 15, 2015, 8 PM, at the Bunker.

Due to the fact that this is Dayton Hamvention weekend, and many members will be attending, we will have a play radio night for the club. No general meeting will be held. No raffle, but refreshments will be available. To all of those attending the Hamvention, have a safe trip.


June Meeting – Friday, June 19, 2015, 8 PM, at the Bunker.

The program will be on our activities for the Driving The Dixie and Field Day. The evening will include the usual business meeting. Refreshments will be available as well as raffle tickets for a door prize. Please plan on attending and bring a friend.


Driving The Dixie – Saturday June 20, 2015.

In addition to providing communications for this event, the 100th Anniversary of the Dixie Highway will be acknowledged with a Special Event Station, W9D at Beecher, IL. The W9D operation will be weekend long and can be operated from your home QTH. Martin WD9JGG, Trish N9WDG and Brian WD9HSY are coordinating the event activities. More information will be forthcoming from them as the date nears.


New 75 Meter SSB Net for Tri-Town

What are you doing Saturday mornings? Why not get on the air and check into Tri-Town’s newest net. Jim, KB9VR, has started a new 75 Meter SSB net on 3860 at 9 AM local time. Why not check in and hear what’s happening?



SupportYour Club!

Your support and your dues are what keep the club activities, club station, and club repeater going strong. There are more licensed Hams now than ever before, when you meet new Hams on the air invite them to a meeting and chat with them on the repeater, make sure everyone knows that Tri-Town is still a strong fixture of Amateur Radio in the Chicagoland area.
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