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March 21st Program
Monthly meeting We will have Greg Rosenberg AB9MZ to do this presentation called "Grounding and Lightning Protection."

**** Warning! Warning! Danger!, Will Robinson! ****
Please note, due to Good Friday being on our normal meeting date of April 18th, we will meet on 1 week later on Friday April 25th, At the Village Hall!

April 25th Program
Monthly meeting we will be having Steve Peters W9KXT give his program called, "Ham Radio, Then and Now." Steve has put together a nice multimedia show for us.
Membership Dues

2013 memberships expire December 31, 2013. So that means that Dues are coming due for 2014 membership. The Board of Directors reviewed the membership fee amount taking into account the anticipated number of members, our annual costs for insurance and the repeater. Fearing that a raise in due might cause a drop in membership, it was decided not to increase due for 2014. The dues are on par with other local clubs. This of course is based on the hopes that the existing membership will renew and that the membership will continue to support the raffles and refreshment donations. Buying tickets for the current raffle of the HT is one of the ways to help support the club. Membership applications are in each Oscillator. Please fill yours out soon and it would be great to get a friend to become a new member.
Election of Officers for 2014

Elections of Officers for 2014 were held during the December 2013 meeting. The following were elected: Ed Stroh K9EGS President, Matt Schumann N9OTL Vice-president, Jim Everard WD9GXU Secretary, Trish Gunderson N9WDG Treasurer, and Todd Schumann KA9IUC Director. Bruce Haffner WD9GHK and Brian Bedoe WD9HSY continue their terms as Directors.
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